Teaching & PhD Supervision

My teaching has cut across the areas of comparative politics, primarily, European politics, public administration, public policy, international development and research design andmethods in political science.

Graduate Teaching

  • Governance, Institutions and International Development, Nottingham.
  • Professional Development Module for PhD Students, Nottingham.
  • Postgraduate Research Colloquium, Nottingham.
  • Designing Political Enquiry. Nottingham.
  • Public Administration in Developing and Transition Countries. Nottingham.
  • Introduction to Comparative Public Administration. LSE.
  • Comparative Public Policy Change. LSE.
  • Politics in West and Central Europe. Birkbeck College

Undergraduate Teaching

  • Democratic Backsliding in East and Central Europe. Nottingham.
  • Introduction to Comparative Politics. Nottingham.
  • Politics of East and Central Europe. Nottingham.
  • Crisis and Controversies in European Politics. Nottingham.
  • Governing the Modern State: Theories and Innovation. Nottingham.
  • Designing Political Research. Nottingham.
  • Politics and Society in Europe. Nottingham.
  • Power and the State.  Nottingham.
  • Power and Leadership: Beyond Institutional Democracy. Nottingham.
  • Introduction to European Politics. Nottingham.
  • Executive Government and its Modernisation in Selected OECD Countries. LSE.
  • Politics of Economic Policy. LSE.

PhD Supervision 

I have supervised PhD students since coming to Nottingham in 2004. My PhD students have covered a wide range of topics including the transformation of bureaucratic elites in post-communist Europe, the Europeanisation of public administration and public policy in member states and non-member states, Europeanisation and foreign policy change, delegation and agency reform in the European Union, electoral reform in transition countries, corruption and public sector reform in Western Balkan states, and democratic attitude change in post-communist Europe.

I welcome applications for PhD supervision with interest in the comparative politics, public administration, public management and public policy in Central and Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans. I am also happy to supervise PhD students with interest in public administration, public management and public policy in South Asia. If you have any questions regarding potential PhD supervision, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Current and former PhD students

  • Janine Clark, Milosevic: Case Study of a Criminal Leader. Completed 2006
  • Helena Ekelund, European Community Agencies. Completed 2010.
  • Burak Cop, Electoral Reform in Turkey. Completed 2011.
  • Ayhan Bakar. Europeanisation of Justice and Home Affairs Policies in Turkey. Completed 2011.
  • Rahime Suleymanoglu, The Europeanisation of Turkish Foreign Policy. Completed 2012.
  • Minoru Nakano. EU Integration and Discourses of Sovereignty in Britain. Completed 2013.
  • Zeynep Özkurt. EU Integration and Democratisation in Turkey. Completed 2013.
  • Marija Zurnic. Discourses of Corruption in Serbia. Completed 2014.
  • Kim Mikkelsen. Public Administration Reform and Corruption in East Central Europe. Visiting PhD Student from Aarhus University, 2012/2013. Completed 2015.
  • Abeeda Qreshi. Multiculturalism and Public Policy in Britain. Completed 2016.
  • Katrina Kelly. Environmental Policy in the EU and the USA. Completed 2017.
  • Fanni Toth. EU Impact on Democratic Socialisation in Post-Communist Europe. Completed 2018.
  • Alessandra de Angelis. Europeanisation of Defence Equipment Market. Completed 2019.
  • Nora Leach. Europeanisation and the Professionalisation of Bureaucratic Elites in Post-communist Europe. Expected 2024.